1 What is 3 Días Trail Ibiza?

It’s a multi-day trail running race. The first day/stage will be a night-time race. The other two days/stages will take place during the day. Runners can participate all three days or only one or two days.

2 When does the race take place?

Friday November 30th, Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd December 2018.

3 How many wave starts will there be?

For each race, there will be a single wave start. Male and female runners occupying the first ten places of the general standings are assigned to start in the front rows.

4 How do I enter?

Registration will be online via or

5 Do I have to wear a headlamp?

For safety reasons, wearing a headlamp or light is compulsory in the first stage (i.e. the night-time race). Runners taking part in the Ultra Ibiza are also required to wear and use a headlamp or light when there should not be enough sunlight.

6 When does the official running bibs pickup take place?

Runners will be able to pick up their bibs an hour and a half before the start of each race. Bibs for one or all races may be picked up.

7 Will the route be marked?

Yes, the route will be marked in all its entirety and on Friday the first stage will be marked with luminous elements.

8 Will there be medical support available on the route?

Yes, the race organiser has made available 2 ambulances and 2 first aid teams.

9 Where will the night-time race on Friday start and finish?

It both starts and finishes in Sant Antoni.

10 Is there transportation available to get to the start line of the races that do not begin in Sant Antoni?

There is a bus. Each ride costs 7 € per person and must be booked in advance. Traveller packages offered through the official agency already include the service.

11 Can runners of all ages participate in the mini trail race?

Yes. This is a charitable event, and so the goal is to raise as much money as possible to help children in need. People of all ages can participate.

12 Can I volunteer?

Of course! You can find the organiser’s contact info in its corresponding menu section above.

13 How can I score points towards the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc?

If you become a finisher of the ULTRA IBIZA or complete all 3 days/stages having run the 47-km race in the 2nd day/stage, you will score 4 ITRA points towards the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.

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