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The delivery of numbers will be on Friday December 1 from 4 to 7 pm at the Punt Jove de Sant Antoni in front of Hostal Tarba, on Saturday and Sunday the numbers can be collected at the start of the stage, in advance from 1: 30h at the exit of the respective stage, except the ultra that can only be collected on Friday. Download the pdf with all the info here


Stage1. Nocturna. Salida 20h. 9800m 129m+ 129m-

Stage 1. Night trail run. Start at 20:00. 9800 m 129 m+ 129 m-

Start in Sant Antoni – Finish in Sant Antoni. Finishing time estimates: first 20:30 – last 21:00


Stage 2. Trail marathon. Start at 7:00. 85 km 3704 m+ 3545 m-

3 distance options: 85-/46-/24-km run

85km 3704m+ 3545m-

46km 2258m+ 2319m-

24km 1000m+ 1158m-

ULTRA IBIZA 85 KM: Start at 7:00 in Sant Antoni. 46-KM RUN: Start at 10:30 in Es Cubells. 24-KM RUN: Start at 12:30 in Sant Josep. Finish point at the athletics track of Can Misses, Ibiza.

Pace estimates:


Max Time.


Max Time.


Max Time.

Start 7:00h          
C. Comte. km 18 9:00h +2h        
S. Roques A. km 28,6 11:45h +2:45h        
Es Cubells. km 38,6 13:45h +2h 10:30h      
Cr. C. D'Hort. km 50 16:15h +2:30h 13:00h +2:30h    
S. Josep. km 62 18:45h +2:30h 15:30h +2:30h 12:30h  
P. des Merlet. km 77 21:45h +3h 18:30h +3h 15:45h +3:15h
Finish 24:00h +2:15h 21:00h +2:30h 18:00h +2:15h
ULTRA estimated arrival: First at 15:30 – last at 24:00h.


Stage 3. 10'46-km trail run. 338 m+ 112 start 11am 

"Plaça del Mercat Vell", Eivissa. Estimated arrival: first 11:30 – last 12:30

Start at 11:00 at the port on the Obelisk to the corsairs


  •  Lockers
    At the start and finish points.
  •  Food & Drink Stations
    There are stations at kilometres 5, 10, 15 & 20 approximately. Water and electrolyte drinks will be provided at all stations. On Saturday (Stage 2 races) solid foods will also be available at stations.
  •  Results
    Results can be checked online at this website.
  •  T-shirt
    Runners will receive an official 3 Días Trail technical t-shirt.
  •  Food
    All participants are invited to enjoy a meal after completing the race.
  •  Gifts
    Runners will receive gifts branded by race sponsors.

Towards Mont Blanc

For further information on the number of points you can obtain by finishing 3 Días Trail Ibiza to qualify for the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc please follow this link:

trail du Mont Blanc

4 points 

Ultra 85 kms o 3 Dias Trail Ibiza(10-46-10) 

5 points 

3 Dias Trail Ibiza (10-85-10) 

Charitable event


All efforts put into this event have the sole purpose of contributing to a good cause. Profits after organising costs will go to APNEEF.