Briefing Friday 27th November
3 Dias Trail
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Briefing Friday 27th November

A reality after many months of work.

Delivery of bibs - Taking of temperature
Monday to Thursday from 10-14 and 17-20 in Trideporte (Carretera Sant Josep km 2.5 - Ibiza Club de Campo) 
Fridays from 10 - 17 in Trideporte 
We would like to ask the runners from Ibiza to come between Monday and Thursday and thus leave Friday for the runners who are coming from outside the island. One of the premises of the race is to avoid crowds and this can only be achieved if you help us.

  • You must come with your ID card and the federal licence if you have one. 
  • Your temperature will be taken. 

Starting order. 

  • Next week, once the registration is closed, we will send you the starting list of each race. 
  • On Friday, the start will be at 19:00 with 10 runners every 30" (it is very complicated to make these lists, and even moreso in a race in which we do not know the level of all the runners, so if there is any error or disagreement, please let us know). 
  • We will be calling you from 18:40 onwards so that you can move into a restricted area. You will not be able to move once you are in your area. It is important to be present by 18:40 at the latest, wearing your mask and maintaining social distancing. 
  • In order to access this space, your temperature will be taken by Galeno Clinic and you will also be given hydroalcoholic gel. 
  • You must take your mask with you. You will take it off once you have left this area and you must keep it with you. You will need to put it on once you have passed the finish line. 
  • Your time will be counted from the moment your group starts. If you arrive later than this start time, this extra time will be included in your final timing. 

On the map you can see:

  • the areas where you can park, also in the nearby streets. 
  • In the start and finish areas you must be accredited or wear a bib in order to enter, otherwise you will not be able to. 
  • It is better for your companions to be on the circuit cheering you on, as they will not be able to enter the finish area. The organisation recommends that those accompanying the athletes do not congregate near the start and finish areas and that they spread out at different points along the route, keeping a safe distance from them, wearing their masks at all times and not coming into contact with the athletes.

Given the current health situation, the organisation has adopted the elimination of the cloakroom service as a preventive measure. As these are circular tours, participants will be able to leave their belongings in their own vehicles. 

Obligatory material

The material check will be carried out before entering the call chamber, you will not be able to enter it unless you have passed through checking.

  • Athletes must wear their mask correctly at all times and always keep a safe distance.
  • Once the start has been given, and at about 100m, a volunteer with an identifying element will mark the area from which runners may remove their mask and store it in their backpack/belt.

Development of the race
Athletes may run without a mask, but they must wear one, as they will use it not only in the start area, but also in the refreshment posts and finish line, as well as in case of abandonment and having to be evacuated. 
In those cases where in the race an athlete goes behind another, for safety reasons, it is recommended to maintain a distance of at least 5m from the runner in front, and to overtake in those wider areas that allow the safety distance to be maintained. 
No contact will be allowed, whether between athletes, with organisation staff or even with accompanying persons along the route. 

Arrival at the finish line

  • Put on your mask 
  • Collect your liquid supplies
  • Leave the area. We recommend you to go and rest for the next day. 
  • Check out the Elitechip app and see if you're in top 3 or the first +35 or +45 stay at the finish line.

Awarding of trophies:
As soon as you arrive. No waiting for the arrival of the last one. 
Categories to be awarded (masculine & feminine) 

  • the top three. 
  • the first A veteran (+35 years) 
  • the first B veteran (+45 years)

Only prize-winning athletes, organisation staff and institutional representatives will have access to the awards area. 
In order to avoid any contact between the athlete and the volunteer, the trophy to be handed in will be placed on each step, it will be disinfected and each athlete will pick it up when climbing the podium.
Each step of the podium will be separated by 1.5m. 
It is obligatory to go up to the podium with the mask. 
No contact will be allowed at any time between athletes or athletes and institutional representatives.

Getting to the point of sending this email has been the result of months of hard work putting together a sporting event that meets all the health and safety standards, but with a lot of  enthusiasm on our part!
For it to work, that everything goes well and that we are allowed to continue is down to the behaviour and sense of responsibility of each and every one of us . Little by little we are learning how to run with all these conditions. 
And we will learn with the help of everyone. 

 Will you help us to enjoy these 3 days of Trail Ibiza? 
 Be patient. 
​ Be flexible: this is a "strange" situation for everyone and between all of us we can go ahead and enjoy these 3 days. 
​ Be confident: we have worked so that you will have a much safer race. Outdoor sports are one of the least risky activities and we firmly believe that they are one of the solutions.
​ Wear a smile: help us with constructive criticism and a lot of empathy.

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