3 Dias Trail
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Club Ecofriendly


Leave the island as we find it. That's why we try to reduce waste to a minimum. EIVISSA STOP PLASTIC. 

Other measures to curb the use of plastic and waste. 
* It is obligatory to have marked with the number of bib all the gels, sticks or elements that can be object of residue, in the controls of random material it will be verified that it is properly marked. There are NO gels in the refreshment posts, and the sticks will be unwrapped. Likewise, during the cleaning and unmarking, the residues found shall be checked and measures may be taken a posteriori.

🥣 All the runners of the Ultra race who wish to eat at the Es Cubells refreshment station, km 43, will have to bring their own plate and cutlery, added to the initiative that it is obligatory to have their own hydration systems.
🥣 Of plate we advise you: Bowl, that is: light, foldable compactable of silicone or another flexible material. With a homemade container or a tuper more than enough.
🍴Cubiertos: A camping fork is enough.
that will be left in the bag of life. In the camping section is easy to find many sizes, materials and colors.

The only exception for this year will be the final provisioning of goal that we equip it with cutlery and plates Biodegradable, 100% compostable and respectful with the environment with the objective that 2020 is completely free of plastics of a single use.

In the runner's bag you will be given a glass that will be used in the provisioning of the finish line on Saturday. 

💦 This year we will do a pilot test at the Sant Josep refreshment posts with the portable water fountains. 

We want the mountain races to return to their mountain roots, generating the minimum garbage and continue enjoying our nature many more years, we will all do our bit this weekend.

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