INFORMATION 3DTI under the new measures.
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INFORMATION 3DTI under the new measures.

The new State of Alarm and how it affects us.

After having studied the new measures and having spoken with different official bodies, we are continuing to prepare for the event. These latest changes do not affect Sporting events any more than they have already been affected. Additionally, as 3DTI is an event within the RFEA (Real Federación Española de Atletismo) calendar, a Safe Conduct certificate will be available for those runners who will be travelling to Ibiza. 

We understand that there is a lot of uncertainty due to the new State of Alarm, and due to this and to the new measures established to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, we have taken the following steps: 

  • A Safe Conduct certificate from the RFEA will be provided so that athletes can travel. We send by email in the last week.
  • In the event of there existing travel restrictions between countries AT THE TIME of the event being held, we will give different options to the affected athletes regarding their subscriptions. 
  • The timing of the Ultra has been changed. The start will be at 07.00 instead of at 06.00. The latest arrival time permitted will be 14.30, instead of 15.00. (The route is 2km shorter, and the first 10km are easier than last year's.) 
  • The marathon will start 1 hour later at 11.00.
  • The half marathon will start at 12,00
  • An email will be sent to all the Ultra runners in case they wish to change to the Marathon. The difference in the subscription will be refunded. 

The organisation ask you to please be responsible. Let's each one of us help that this situation ends soon. And of course, we are here to clear up any doubts and answer any questions you may have.


All those signed up for the event will receive an email with this information given in more detail.   

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