3 Días Trail
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The 3 Days Trail Ibiza starts in no time! As in previous editions the routes of the 6 races will be properly marked. But as we know that many of you like to have the tracks you can already consult them through Komoot.

In case you don't know it, downloading and using Komoot is very easy. Just by creating your account, you will have access to the "Trail Ibiza" Collections for free while you are online.

First you have to download the Komoot App and create an account (it's FREE). In the drop down menu next to your profile, under 'Find friends' type Trail Ibiza and Follow us. And then you have access to the "3 Days Trail Ibiza 2022" Collection where you will find the routes of the 6 races.

Seeing the route that interests you, you just have to click on it to open it and you can follow it from your own cell phone by clicking on 'Start navigation'. If you want to use it in your own GPS, not with the mobile, you have to click on 'Save' and then you open it in your own route collection, in the 'Planned' tab. And once open, touching at the top right of the three dots you get options, with 'Export GPX file' you download the route to put it on your device. Or you can also access directly through this link.

As we told you a few days ago, in the town of Sant Josep are doing works for which we have had to change the start of the Ultra, the Marathon and the 10k Started and the finish line of all races on Saturday, now being the soccer field of the same town. Having lengthened the courses to this new location you will see that all the Saturday courses have seen a slight increase in distance. The routes that we provide you already contemplate this new location.

If at the last minute it is necessary to modify any section of any of the routes this will be done by signaling and / or volunteers, therefore these always prevail over the track. 

See you on Friday!