Weather forecasts
3 Días Trail
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Weather forecasts

These are the weather forecasts for 3 Days Trail Ibiza

Being only a few days away from the 3 Days Trail Ibiza, some weather forecasts can already be consulted. In principle, we will be lucky and the weather is expected to be pleasant for the participants.

For the 10 kilometers in the middle of the Ibizan night a normal temperature is expected, for the time of year in which we find ourselves. A minimum of 8 degrees Celsius is forecast, which, being the night stage, the temperature during the race schedule will be close to that value.

The probability of rain during the day is almost certain, with a 90% probability, but no precipitation is expected during the stage. We will have to be attentive to the terrain damaged by rain throughout the morning on Friday. Wind will not be a problem as no wind gusts exceeding 5 km/h are expected.

Saturday is reserved for the ultra, the marathon, the half and the 10 km. For participants arriving from the Peninsula, Saturday will be a reminder of spring, as it will dawn with about 13 degrees and will arrive at noon with 16 degrees and no rain warnings. On this day, the wind may be another of the conditioning factors of the stage due to the 20 kilometers per hour that will reach when we are halfway through the day.

On Sunday, as a final climax, we will have the daytime 10 km in what would be the closing parenthesis (it starts with a race at night and closes with another of the same characteristics during the day). The temperature on December 4 will not vary with respect to the two previous days: minimum temperatures around 10 degrees and maximum of 18.

Wind gusts will have a similar strength to those of Saturday. They will register a speed of 22 kilometers per hour and the rain will once again respect the competitors and spectators who come to show support to the brave ones who have managed to complete this weekend full of trail.

Despite the low probability of rain (and its low amount) during the dispute of the event, the water will be the protagonist in Sant Josep on Thursday and Friday morning. A component that can be a nuisance for the conditions of the terrain. Just in case, it is better to take shelter from the inconvenience and have all the material possible.

In terms of clothing, the ideal is to take a waterproof windstopper. This is an excellent option for keeping dry and not getting too warm, given the temperatures on the days of the event.